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If our Eyes became Huge in Size:
We will now need huge spectacles.
Ophthalmologists i.e. people who specialize in treating eye related problems may double their fees.
Husbands and wives may not recognize each other.
Some people may mistaken us for ghosts.
Our selfies may now look very weird.
People who just got their portrait done will be extremely disappointed.
Our pet dogs may start barking at us.
We may now be able to see things from far far away, binoculars may not be needed anymore.
Cops will be able to catch thieves easily now.
Even aliens may start experimenting on their eyes.

0:00 – What if our Eyes became Huge in Size?
1:39 – Why do we get an Eye Stye?
2:50 – Why do our Eyes get Dry?
3:56 – Is Rubbing your Eyes Good or Bad?
5:04 – Why do we have different Eye colors?
6:15 – Why did pirates wear eye patches?
7:15 – Why do animals eyes glow in the dark?
8:15 – Why do your eyes turn red in the pool?
9:14 – What are eye floaters?

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Date: June 21, 2024

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