“There Is No Failure In Sports” – Giannis Addresses Comments On “Failure”


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Date: June 20, 2024

47 thoughts on ““There Is No Failure In Sports” – Giannis Addresses Comments On “Failure”

  1. Failure is a form of fear, earth is another form of hell and we are all its demons because we create the tools for our own destruction. Fear is a tool, fear is power. keep people afraid and you can control them. just showing up to a basketball game is success, just getting out of bed and getting things done is a success, that fact that you can walk and see is a success. the negatives only exist if you make them exist.

  2. The only shame in this is that it even needed to be said. And it needs to be said again by an MVP level superstar by the way. The way he said he didnt have the ability to give a good answer the previous year – just amazingly heartwarming. The man earned a lifetime fan in me with his Shakespeare level sililoquoy. Bravo young man.

  3. To be honest, if the reporter never asked that question, we would have never got that answer from Giannis. So hats off to the reporter for asking what may seem like a silly question and hats off to Giannis for answering with passion but leaving the man with some dignity at the end. Well played on both parts.

  4. Giannis is not only my Countryman but a class act! What a great response that was. I just showed this clip to my daughter who didn't qualify for all the sports she wanted to in school track team and she "got it"! Thank you Giannis!!! And I love your Greek accent, just like mine…

  5. Not true tho imagine you spend your life with a sport, beat your enemy’s and get 1st with the team as the best player of the team, and other guys in the league in better teams who got 6th place play in Bundesliga in the next year while you have to work in a warehouse cause ya wasted yo life with that sport, no wonder that kid who made it his father was a professional soccer player too lmao, it’s all just contacts and luck, that’s above your talent, I mean how do you beat people in your youth year over year, everyone says that you were better and still the other guy with contacts makes it to professional soccer and was even in national team for Germany in the World Cup 😂😂😂 Bro how is there no failure when this is pure failure and not fair, there are many people in many sports feeling this way, but whatever men can still get rich by fking others up I guess 💀👹💀

  6. This is the same guy who said that he's not making a workout with other NBA team player for he/they are the reason he's competing for the championship
    Now when his ass was busted by other team he's not consider it as a failure!
    Giannis was a sore LOSER!

  7. Failure in sports is when you don’t win it all. If your end goal is to win, and you don’t reach that goal, you failed. He trying to make it deep

  8. The question was about the sports season, not whether doing or sports is a failure. Obviously doing sport is always a positive thing, but that wasn't the question. This guy's entire response is called rhetoric for the sole purpose of feeling relieved of a burden. He doesn't even believe what he says, he's just trying to justify himself or feel less frustrated. It's a human response, you can forgive it because we are human beings, but it's absolutely not a good response even considering the examples of life that he gave to the journalist.

  9. I wish his answer to the question about being a failure would be incorporated in education somehow. No, you don't always have a good day where you perform optimal. And no, not everyone can be champions at the same time. But everyone can be a winner by working toward smaller goals and try to improve as to reach to big goals!
    I don't know you at all, dear man on the stand, but I don't think I ever will forget your look at being a competitor.

  10. 1:00 Γιάννης, μετά από 45 χρόνια, σε καφενείο στα σεπολια, λέγοντας "σε παρακαλώ, που θα πεις εσύ για τη νέα Δημοκρατία!!!"

  11. Truthfully, Michael Jordan was not a good comparison. He won ALL the championships and ALL the finals MVP's from his prime at age 28 until his retirement. Jordan was the ultimate example of "never failing" in his prime.

  12. I love Giannis, he's a very knowledgeable person. Although I don't agree with him, there are certain instances of failure and it's completely normal because everyone goes through it. Losing doesn't make you a failure which is true, but when you fall distant from your goals/expectations that is indeed failure.

  13. He look upset by a simple questionand take it so personal. That says it all.
    A champion is not afraid saying i failed many times [but by GOD's grace if one is a believer] i move forward and take those as learning experiences.
    Sports is not only by winning but accepting losing/failures yet still thankful beyond sports like life, family and friends!
    GOD bless everyone…

  14. 😂😂😂 you didn't win the 🏆 so yes it is a failure. Michael Jordan would say the same. Kobe would say the same. Bill Russell won 11 out of 13. Guess what, he failed twice. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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