NYC Top 10 Foods 2022


41 thoughts on “NYC Top 10 Foods 2022

  1. New York has good food. But you can get lost fast and the crowds make me uncomfortable. Not such a good place to live in. I lived in a brick house in New York and they didn’t have pest control and they had rodents. I’m very furious how New York had failed to interest me. Barely any clean snow but supermarkets are the best things on earth.

  2. Au Cheval – burger
    Magnolia Bakery – banana pudding 
    Bar Pitti – pasta
    Sal Kris & Charlie's – sandwich 
    King Souvlaki – gyro 
    Jongro – Korean bbq 
    Whipped – oat milk soft serve 
    Sylvia's – chicken & waffles
    Village Square Pizza
    Culture Espresso – choc chip cookie

  3. Bar Pitti is like maybe two blocks from my apartment, so we go there a lot. The food there is amazing but sometimes it can be so hard to get a table!! And yeah- magnolia bakery’s banana pudding is to die for. Honestly, everything from their menu is, though. I’ve never tried any of the other places (I usually eat out in west or Greenwich village because it’s near my apartment) but I’ll have to give it a go

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