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Are you ready to learn all about trains? Cowboy Jack takes you on an adventure to explore the Rosenberg Railroad Museum and Depot in Rosenberg, Texas! We are going to see some incredible model trains and even go into two different rail cars and look around! We’ll take a first hand look at the historic Rail Switching Tower and learn their role in safety in and out of a train depot. If it has to do with trains we’re going to see it, touch it, and learn about it!

Get ready to experience learning in action with your buddy, Cowboy Jack. Want to go fishing? Want to explore a childrens museum? How about some science experiments that are safe and fun to do at home with things you already have? There is a whole world of things to enrich your kid’s minds and keep them thinking and learning non-stop! Cowboy Jack strives to show kids things in their own perspective while advancing them with communication skills and talking to them as peers in an adult tone. Cowboy Jack does some goofy things, but it’s all in good educational fun. Every week brings new and exciting experiences right to your livingroom as Cowboy Jack premiers new episodes at fun locations. Each episode can serve as a virtual field trip to fulfill a child’s curiosity. Wholesome, educational experiences are what this cowboy is all about!

Adults – follow Cowboy Jack on Instagram for sneek peaks into upcoming adventures and related content! If you have an idea for an episode that your little cowboy or cowgirl would love, let us know!

Date: June 20, 2024

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