Best upgrade for a slow #laptop is an SSD! #tech #technology #shorts #pc


Every PC should be using either a SATA SSD or an NVMe as its boot drive. HDDs are still the better option for mass storage drives but they can’t hold up to the speed of this new solid state tech! Even on your old laptop you can slap in an SSD to replace that slow mechanical drive! Thankfully this Dell Inspiron had an NVMe slot which is even faster than SATA.

Date: June 20, 2024

41 thoughts on “Best upgrade for a slow #laptop is an SSD! #tech #technology #shorts #pc

  1. my mom still believes that I'm going to "damage" my laptop if i open it and swap it with an ssd, even though I've literally fixed my tower and modded together my own wii sensor bar

  2. I love SSDs
    Started with a 500gb HDD
    Moved up to a 1tb hdd
    Then to a 256gb ssd then to a 500gb ssd and now i havs a 1tb SSD with a 256gb being used as external.
    My laptop is fast as fuck boii

  3. If I were that customer a SATA SSD for boot drive and installed programs and that NVME for the games and other stuff, windows won't even use half the speed of an nvme to open a program let alone boot the os.

  4. So my computer says it has 225% battery power but only works when the charger is plugged in, everything is also very laggy i cant open games without the fps dropping extremely low like 2 frames what should i do to fix this lag problem without buying a new laptop? (genuine question)

  5. Lucky it’s new enough to have NVMe. Otherwise, you would’ve had to clone it to a 2.5”-HDD-replacement SATA SSD, which is…still a massive upgrade over an HDD boot drive.

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